PLANET addresses the challenges of assessing the impact of emerging global trade corridors on the TEN-T network and ensuring effective integration of the European to the Global Network by focusing in two key R&D pillars.

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PLANET will establish self-contained scenarios of possible future world states, derived from macroeconomic, geo-demographic and political intelligence. A hybrid qualitative/quantitative approach will be used to create several medium-term scenarios in the field of global logistics and to assess the impact of logistics industry parameters and emerging industry innovations.

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Three Living Labs (including the ports of Valencia, Rotterdam, etc.) will contribute to the strategic analysis of global flows (based on the corridors where they are located), the analysis of corridor infrastructure issues, and the investigation of integration of the respective global corridor with the TEN-T.

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PI and Blockchain for optimised door-to-door Asia-Europe corridors – Mediterranean Corridor

Synchromodal dynamic management of TEN-T & intercontinental flows promoting rail transport

IoT for Silk Road Route – reliable, transparent and fully connected corridor from China to the EU

Work Packages


PLANET Newsletter #3 now available

In this third Newsletter you will be able to: Learn about PLANET’s 4 Foundational Position Papers for an Integrated Green EU-Global T&L Network (EGTN), which pave the way for EGTN’s initial vision and the simulation scenarios for

WP1 & WP2 Innovation Management Meeting

PLANET’s WP1 and WP2 Workshop took place three months ago. The event was held just after the end of project’s Year 1, and it was attended by the entire consortium. During this Workshop, Work Package (WP) and Task Leaders had the opportunity

1st PLANET Virtual General Assembly meeting

PLANET 1st virtual General Assembly took place on the 7th of October 2020, where consortium members presented their progress, along with an overview of early achievements. In the first part of PLANET’s 1st GA meeting, the