Work Packages

PLANET Cloud-based Open EGTN Infrastructure

WP2 provides the ICT infrastructure, building primarily on existing assets, enabling the development and operation of EGTN solutions in the LLs. This work package will define the architecture and prototype the components of an open ICT infrastructure compliant with the requirements specification to support the development of EGTN solutions in the LLs (WP3) that open up more opportunities for global connectivity, international trade, and economic development. The work package will create a core set of open ICT technologies (specifications and prototypes) that can be taken up by T&L stakeholders, including private and public (such as customs) organizations.

The objective of this task is to specify, design and prototype an open Cloud-based platform that will provide stakeholders with a low entry cost (open) collaboration platform for sustainable integrated multimodal freight transport. The task will create an open source blueprint that enables organisations to build upon and to implement T&L design tools, collaborative logistics and new eCommerce models underpinned by Big Data driven Supply Chain insights.

TitleDownloadable document
D2.1 Open EGTN Platform Architecture v1D2.1
D2.7 EGTN Transport Data and Knowledge Models v1D2.7
D2.9 EGTN Support Services based on Big Data analytics modelsD2.9
D2.11 Multi-Actor Multi-Criteria Analysis DSS v1D2.11
D2.13 Intelligent PI Nodes and PI Network services v1D2.13
D2.15 Integration and Interoperability of proprietary Blockchain Systems for Seamless Global Trade Workflows v1D2.15
D2.17 EGTN smart contracts and associated PI motivated workflows in the context of SLA management v1D2.17