Work Packages

Dissemination Commercialisation Policy recommendations

WP5 ensures sustainability of project outputs from WP1-4. WP5 will lead all the activities related to dissemination, communication and outreach as well the exploitation of the project results. The interaction with the other WPs will be fundamental. The main activities related to this objective are:

  • To develop and implement a Communication and Dissemination plan, the backbone of the project branding and visibility amongst different stakeholders and communities.
  • The development of strategies for commercializing the results of the project, with special attention to IP protection and policies recommendations.
  • To provide policy recommendations linking to impact assessment.
TitleDownloadable document
D5.1 Stakeholder Analysis ReportD5.1
D5.2 Observations and Recommendations of the Advisory Board v1D5.2
D5.3 Observations and Recommendations of the Advisory Board – final versionD5.3
D5.4 Communication and Dissemination Report v1D5.4
D5.5 Communication and Dissemination Report final versionD5.5