Work Packages

PLANET Living Labs

WP3 is designed to provide both an experimentation/innovation environment and testbed for EGTN solutions along three global corridors, which will be linked to a generic simulation, based EGTN use case to support broader use of knowledge and assets generated.

Each Living Lab EGTN solution has different context and complementary business and technology focus with strong inter – Living Lab (LL) knowledge exchange. Outputs from the three LLs will be linked into a generic use case defining the introduction of the EGTN new logistics concepts & technologies that were tested in the LLs and will support design and evaluation of EGTN solutions by TEN-T and T&L communities.

TitleDownloadable document
D3.7 EGTN Generic Use Case v.1D3.7
D3.1 LL1 Specifications and baseline measurementsD3.1
D3.5 LL3 Specifications and baseline measurementsD3.5
D3.3 LL2 Specifications and baseline measurementsD3.3
D3.8 EGTN Generic Use Case final versionD3.8
D3.10 EGTN impact assessmentD3.10