Work Packages

Steering innovation & building capacity towards EGTN

WP4 interfaces with the other work packages either by transforming insight into recommendations/guidelines, or capacity building programs, and embedding the findings in the PI-facilitating roadmap for EGTN. WP4 will provide Open Source Libraries as part of the Transferability Framework and Capacity Building Programme towards an integrated Green EU-Global Trade Logistics Network aligning with global T&L blockchain initiatives and ALICE PI roadmap.

TitleDownloadable document
D4.1 Recommendations for TEN-T interfacing to Global Trade RoutesD4.1
D4.2 Policy guide, Briefing sheets and case study on freight transport for policymakers in emerging economiesD4.2
D4.3 Electronic Visualisation Library of outputs from WP1-WP2 and WP3D4.3
D4.4 PI-facilitating technology Roadmaps for EGTND4.4
D4.5 Recommendations for PLANET StandardizationD4.5