Work Packages

Project Management

WP6 ensures that the project is managed according to the rules and regulations set by the European Commission (EC), e.g. on reporting, cost management etc. In this regard, implementing the appropriated management processes will ensure the completion of all deliverables in time, within budget and to the required quality standard.

This WP includes all the administrative management, technical management, innovation management and quality management,

which will be carried out to the full satisfaction of the EC, the Council of Partners and the Project Steering Team.

A quality plan within the Project Quality Handbook will specify the quality procedures, internal and external peer reviews, control, monitoring and reporting activities to be implemented in the project to ensure that satisfactory quality standards are met.

TitleDownloadable document
D6.1a Project Management Handbook – Management PlanD6.1a
D6.3 Initial Data Management PlanD6.3