IoT for Silk Road Route – reliable, transparent and fully connected corridor from China to the EU

LL3 will focus on streamlining logistic processes in flows from China to Europe along the Silk Road by implementing IoT technologies (based on the EPCIS platform) and GS1 standards that facilitate transmission of data between the partners involved in the e-commerce operations. LL3 aims at:

  • Standardising information flows and digitalising interactions between actors within the network (Alibaba, China Post, Polish National Post);
  • Providing access to real time information on cargo coming from China to Poland along the entire supply chain through application of IoT and EPCIS to monitor supply chain events and support operational optimisation;
  • Facilitating effective co-modal end-to end transport within EU’s internal rail network.

PARTICIPANTS: Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, GS1 Poland, GS1 China, Polish National Post, Rohlig Suus and PKP Cargo


Three Living Labs (including the ports of Valencia, Rotterdam, etc.) will contribute to the strategic analysis of global flows (based on the corridors where they are located), the analysis of corridor infrastructure issues, and the investigation of integration of the respective global corridor with the TEN-T.

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