WP1 Partners: An overview of key contributions and roles

The latest round of factsheets to present the main contributions and functions of PLANET partners is now available!

Through this material you will get to know the partners of WP1 EU-Global T&L Networks. WP1 will provide a Simulation Capability for the assessment of the expected impact of emerging trade routes, national strategies and technological concepts on the TEN-T corridors and PENs interfacing TEN-T to global trade and will define the Reference Specifications of Integrated Green EU-Global networks [EGTN].

In this fact sheets we detail the relevance of each partner in PLANET, focusing on their role in WP1. In addition, as in the previous cases, the main contributions they have made so far are described, as well as the deliverables linked to WP1, through which you will be able to deepen the work developed so far in this WP.

If you want to know more about WP1, you can find it here!

For more information on the work developed by PLANET consortium members, you can easily access to the other factsheets through the following sections:


3rd PLANET General Assembly

3rd PLANET General Assembly meeting

PLANET 3rd General Assembly meeting took place on the 17th and 18th of May 2022, following a hybrid format. Fundación Valenciaport, leader of WP5, hosted the event, making possible the first face-to-face meeting of the project. 3rd General

PLANET at the 5G NetApps for Transport & Logistic: Services, concepts and practical examples Webinar

PLANET attended the 5G NetApps for Transport & Logistic: Services, concepts and practical examples Webinar on 5th April 2022 organised by VITAL-5G project. In this webinar, VITAL-5G presented how 5G-enabled NetApps can become a key enabler

PLANET at the H2020 Road Transport Research European Conference

The H2020 Road Transport Research European Conference was back with its 5th edition on 29 & 30 March 2022. Few days ago, 66 EU-funded projects gathered in Brussels at the 5th edition of the H2020RTR21 European Conference to share their