New PLANET W4 Deliverables now available!

Four deliverables from WP4 Steering innovation & building capacity towards EGTN have been submitted at the end of November and are now ready to be read!

  • D4.1 Recommendations for TEN-T interfacing to Global Trade Routes. The main subject of this deliverable is to Identify which funding mechanisms (HE and CE) can be applied to further develop the disruptive technologies or to fund the necessary infrastructural developments. It also synthesizes the funding and proposes new CEF and HE call topics that can serve as guidelines for the 2030 review of the programs aiming at contributing to the transition of TEN-Ts the next generation of PI enabling EGTNs.
  • D4.2 Policy guide, Briefing sheets and case study on freight transport for policymakers in emerging economies. The main subject of this deliverable is to provide information and tools for logistics and policymakers stakeholders policymakers. More specifically, the policy guide aims to promote technology and policy transfer from the experiences of the PLANET project in the EU to emerging economies by increasing decision-makers’ awareness.


CERTH presents PLANET Project and the resilience attribute of EGTN

PLANET provides and presents an interesting article written by CERTH, PLANET project member. You can full the article below, enjoy rou reading!! CERTH ARTICLE AVAILABLE HERE

Deliverable D2.2 Open EGTN Platform Architecture final version now available!

The Cloud-based Open EGTN Infrastructure Architecture deliverable reports on the creation of an open-source blueprint that aims to empower organisations to build upon and implement Transport & Logistics (T&L) design tools, collaborative

PLANET Project has released its Newsletter #8

In the PLANET Newsletter #8 you will be able to: Know the main progress and developments made in project’s Living Lab 3 to date.Check out the latest events attended by PLANET.Find a summary of the latest news (publications, events