Deliverable D1.3 Modelling & Simulation Capability final version now available!

The goal of this deliverable is to present the currently available models for representing freight transport processes in the intercontinental corridors, their enhancements performed during the project in relation to their key characteristics and functionalities, in order to fulfil modelling and decision-making support needs to the Living Labs’ use cases.

The document contains the description of the adaptation of the simulation models by the different partners, as well as the requirements gathered from the living labs’ use cases, including the adaptation of the models and explains how the models have been created to evaluate the answers to the main decisions made in the use cases.

D1.3 Modelling & Simulation Capability final version can be downloaded from the following link:


CERTH presents PLANET Project and the resilience attribute of EGTN

PLANET provides and presents an interesting article written by CERTH, PLANET project member. You can full the article below, enjoy rou reading!! CERTH ARTICLE AVAILABLE HERE

Deliverable D2.2 Open EGTN Platform Architecture final version now available!

The Cloud-based Open EGTN Infrastructure Architecture deliverable reports on the creation of an open-source blueprint that aims to empower organisations to build upon and implement Transport & Logistics (T&L) design tools, collaborative

PLANET Project has released its Newsletter #8

In the PLANET Newsletter #8 you will be able to: Know the main progress and developments made in project’s Living Lab 3 to date.Check out the latest events attended by PLANET.Find a summary of the latest news (publications, events