PLANET Project has released its Second Annual Report!

The 2nd PLANET Annual Report presents project’s key achievements accomplished by its consortium members over the course of the second year of the project (M13-M24).

In more detail, the report introduces and highlights the deliverables and other scientific outcomes and achievements of the PLANET project, the interactions among the PLANET’s project various tasks and Work Packages (WPs) as well as the most significant milestones and communication and dissemination achievements ensuring the dissemination of project’s results and the engagement of project’s stakeholders. Furthermore, it should be noted that more than 20 deliverables have been submitted from the different project WPs containing information on the project’s under development services and technical outputs, project’s Living Labs (LLs), EGTN concept specifications etc., which are also available at the project’s website.

In the first part of the report an overview of the PLANET project vision and objectives and LLs demonstrators is provided as a reminder, explaining the business challenges facing or aiming to address as well as the overall project methodology being developed and implemented.

The Second PLANET Annual Report can be downloaded from the following link:


CERTH presents PLANET Project and the resilience attribute of EGTN

PLANET provides and presents an interesting article written by CERTH, PLANET project member. You can full the article below, enjoy rou reading!! CERTH ARTICLE AVAILABLE HERE

Deliverable D2.2 Open EGTN Platform Architecture final version now available!

The Cloud-based Open EGTN Infrastructure Architecture deliverable reports on the creation of an open-source blueprint that aims to empower organisations to build upon and implement Transport & Logistics (T&L) design tools, collaborative

PLANET Project has released its Newsletter #8

In the PLANET Newsletter #8 you will be able to: Know the main progress and developments made in project’s Living Lab 3 to date.Check out the latest events attended by PLANET.Find a summary of the latest news (publications, events