TrackOne selected as one of the best innovation of DITECFER Railway Innovation Contest 2022

The 8th edition of the DITECFER Railway Innovation Contest has selected again this year the best innovations in the railway field ‘made in Italy’, based on both technological and market criteria.

The winning innovations are TrackOne by NGS-New Generation Sensors (Monte San Savino – Arezzo), RTS-AGW (Rail Transport System-Automatic Guided Wagon) by Co.El.Da. Software (Reggio Calabria) and Digital Bathymetry by ETS Ingegneria (Rome), and confirm, on the one hand, the growing effort to increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of rail freight transport, on the other the evolution of the Italian railway sector towards the increasing integration of advanced technologies such as IoT sensors, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence.

TrackOne is a vertical solution from the field toward the Cloud based on proprietary technologies capable to enable the complete visibility of the whole supply chain, toward the optimisation both first/last mile logistics leg, as well as cargo. It is capable to identify, characterise (weight and size, supporting the consolidation operations), track, trace and monitor your goods from the sender facility toward the receiver. All digital transactions are implemented securely, also supported by secure devices. The data, represented using the GS1 EPCIS 2.0 standard, are shared in a reliable, secure ad-hoc way using a blockchain ledger.

The base of the solution is the smart logistics unit that allows to provide an identity to smaller granularity logistic units (arriving at the items level), specialising the monitoring purposes: a pallet of wine bottles and a pallet of paper need different parameter to be considered. The asset (basket, pallet, …) is considered reusable and connected, thus supporting circular economy and asset management paradigms. The openness of its IoT environment, support the integration of added value IoT devices improving the monitoring specialisation (e.g., capable to monitor the Ethylene concentration, thus preventing the fruit ripening process). For these reasons TrackOne with its specialised monitoring can be essential for guaranteeing an improved security on transporting and storaging perishable goods (e.g., fruit and food), enabling a trusted and standardised data sharing with all the stakeholders involved in the supply chain, thus improving customer satisfaction. In fact, TrackOne Cloud component is a scalable and proactive SaaS solution capable to manage different types of devices (also by third parties), to aggregate features and generate events (e.g., bumps, threshold exceedance, …) to populate a blockchain trusted ledger. Such a ledger can be also exploited to store added value documents (e.g., invoices, transport slips, …) toward their dematerialisation.

Using TrackOne, the multimodal supply chain is fully visible with greater granularity, towards increasing productivity and customer satisfaction, reducing costs and streamlining logistics transactions, in line with the Physical Internet and the Green Deal.

The three winners, awarded the title “DITECFER Leader in Railway Innovation 2022”, have the right to access the “ERCI Innovation Award 2022”, the European competition that sees the best innovations selected at national level by the ERCI clusters, and whose award ceremony – with presentation of all the finalist innovations and announcement of the winners – will be held at InnoTrans on 21 September at 16.00 at the booth of the Berlin Brandenburg Region.

For more information about TrackOne, visit NGS website!


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