PLANET at the 5G NetApps for Transport & Logistic: Services, concepts and practical examples Webinar

PLANET attended the 5G NetApps for Transport & Logistic: Services, concepts and practical examples Webinar on 5th April 2022 organised by VITAL-5G project.

In this webinar, VITAL-5G presented how 5G-enabled NetApps can become a key enabler to the digital transformation of the T&L sector. NetApps can abstract the complexity of the underlying 5G infrastructure to T&L application developers, significantly reduce the service creation and deployment times, and optimize the utilization of 5G resources thus leading to reduced service deployment costs.

PLANET and VITAL-5G aim to bring Europe at the forefront of T&L Technology by creating smart and digital solutions based on 5G networks and concepts like IoT, PI and blockchain technology.

Dr. Kostas Zavitsas (VLTN) attended the webinar in an effort to incorporate possible findings or outputs in PLANET Project, specially with the 5G technologies promising to transform network connectivity, streamline operations with higher capacities and ultimately upgraded mobile network offering revolutionary potential capable to transform network and data interconnection.

You can watch the online webinar below!


PLANET at EU Research magazine

We are glad to share the article just published in the EU Research magazine about the PLANET Project. The publication, which has been led by Kostas Zavitsas (VLTN), highlights the value of the physical internet and how PLANET is working in

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