PLANET at the H2020 Road Transport Research European Conference: March 29, 2022

The H2020 Road Transport Research European Conference was back with its 5th edition on 29 & 30 March 2022.

Few days ago, 66 EU-funded projects gathered in Brussels at the 5th edition of the H2020RTR21 European Conference to share their results in different essential areas for road transport.

PLANET was presented by the Senior Researcher Kostas Zavitsas (VLTN) and the Project Coordinator Makis Kouloumbis (INLECOM) during the ICT infrastructure for road transport session.

In particular, the speakers outlined the new discoveries and achievements of the project, how it tackled hurdles and resolved challenges, and what are the next research steps in different essential areas for road transport.

If you missed out, you can find the full recording of PLANET’s 15-minute and the presentation below!

You can also dowmload the #H2020RTR21 Summary report here, PLANET is mentioned and described on the third page!

  • The report summarising the main points raised in each session of the #H2020RTR21 European Conference is now available. 
  • The different sessions offered the opportunity to get an overview of the latest results and developments achieved by the selected H2020 projects in the field of road transport. 
  • The report also highlights the future research and innovation needs that should be addressed in the coming years in order to tackle the challenges related to digitalisation and decarbonisation of road transport.


ALICE actively supports the outreach and outcomes of the PLANET project

PLANET Project is supported by ALICE through its Research and Innovation Projects and Initiatives Liaison Programme. ALICE actively supports the outreach and outcomes of projects to be disseminated through their keeping the torch of Key Exploitable

PLANET Project has released its Third Annual Report!

The 3rd PLANET Annual Report presents project’s key achievements accomplished by its consortium members over the course of the third year of the project (M25-M36). In more detail, the report introduces and highlights the deliverables and

PLANET presents the final project video

The closing video of the PLANET project has been released. It is dedicated to the reporting of the results obtained through the Living Labs solutions as well as to give an overview of the project and the EGTN platform. During the video, a brief