AI in pallning simulation and

PLANET at Artificial Intelligence in planning, simulation and forecasting webinar: October 26, 2021

ALICE organized this online webinar Artificial Intelligence in planning, simulation and forecasting webinar.

David Cipres (ITAINNOVA) presented PLANET in this webinar organized by ALICE. During its intervention on the topic Demand forecasting and intelligent planning based on AI, PLANET was presented as a project that visualises the applications of implementing the AI in T&L.

To that end, he introduced PLANET LL1 – PI and Blockchain for optimised door-to-door Asia-EU corridors, as it is the LL that will assess how new technologies (IoT, AI and blockchain) and concepts (PI) can improve processes, operations and efficiency along door-to-door transport chains connecting the Maritime Silk Road with internal EU corridor.



PLANET Mid-Term Review Meeting

PLANET Mid-Term Review Meeting took place on the 20th of January 2022, where PLANET Partners provided  a high-level progress update, allowing also to set the most relevant next steps, objectives and targets to be faced during next

PLANET Newsletter #4 now available

PLANET Project has released its Newsletter #4. In the PLANET Newsletter #4 you will be able to: Learn about the EGTN Reference Specifications, infrastructure and services.Find a summary of the new public deliverables submitted from Newsletter
WP5 factsheets

WP5 Partners: An overview of key contributions and roles

PLANET project is pleased to present the first of six series of factsheets that will introduce the key contributions and roles of PLANET Partners. In this first round, we describe in more detail WP5 Parners (WP5 Dissemination Commercialisation