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PLANET at Il Giornale della Logistica

We are glad to share the article just published in the Italian magazine Il Giornale della Logistica about the PLANET Project.

The publication, which has been led by New Opera with the collaboration of Fundación Valenciaport, INLECOM, PANTEIA and UIRR, highlights the value of the PLANET Project for European transport and logistics.

To that end, the piece presents the PLANET Project and its Living Labs through some EU research topics. It is also accompanied by short testimonies from PLANET partners.

The full article is available in section on Innovazione logistica e nuove relazioni di traffico intercontinentale (pages 26-29).



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WP5 factsheets

WP5 Partners: An overview of key contributions and roles

PLANET project is pleased to present the first of six series of factsheets that will introduce the key contributions and roles of PLANET Partners. In this first round, we describe in more detail WP5 Parners (WP5 Dissemination Commercialisation