PLANET at the Logistop Webinar: Blockchain aplicado al transporte y la logística

On 4th November 2020, ITAINNOVA and Fundación Valenciaport – two PLANET partners – together with Eurogestión and ALICE presented case studies to show applications of blockchain in the logistics sector in a webinar organised by Logistop.

Juan Manuel Martínez Mourín, CEO of Eurogestión started by talking about how Blockchain is an integrator of other disruptive technologies such as Intenet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Machine Learning, 5G or Cloud Computing, as well as a facilitator of process automation.

Miguel Llop, Director of Digital Transformation at Fundación Valenciaport described pilot developments with Blockchain in several projects, including PLANET, which will assess the impact of emerging global trading corridors on the RTE-T network, ensuring the effective connectivity and sustainability of the global European network.

Miguel Llop also explained the development of Blockchain Based Tracking and Traceing – B2T2, which aims to establish a reference application in the tracking and traceing of containers and goods of SMEs that do not use this blockchain technology. The B2T2 project also aims to create a start-up that designs a Port Transaction Management (PTMS) system with Blockchain technology. This solution will also need to connect the PTMS with that of the global logistics operators that are adopting Blockchain, as well as link with other ports, inland terminals and rail freight corridors.

David Ciprés, Head of Data Analysis, IoT and Blockchain at the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (ITAINNOVA) emphasized that these three technologies are “complementary”, as well as with Digital Twins. He provided the vision of how these technologies next to the blockchain are used in industrial and logistical processes, what are their benefits and also, presented real examples of their implementation.

Antonio Conde, Chief Technology Officer of Eurogestión showed the implementation of Blockchain in projects linked to the railway safety management system (SGS), and in the software that manages training processes in the railway field and in the focus on the processes of maintenance companies (EMEs). In addition, with Aeutransmer he works on the implementation of Blockchain in a project for the integration of its supply chain.

Fernando Liesa, Secretary General of Alice, highlighted the support of the European technology platform in the implementation of Blockchain in projects such as Vinturas, focused on the development of a digital network for automotive logistics; or TradeLens, powered by Maersk and IBM for maritime container tracking.

Tomás de la Vega, MD of Logistop, concluded the webinar highlighting the opportunity offered by this innovation platform to “generate new collaborative projects that implement Blockchain and other technologies of Industry 4.0 in the logistics sector, and to be able to advance its transformation towards sustainability and efficiency”.


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